The QWERTY layout has not evolved since the 1800s. As our world's become more digital, accessible, and virtual, shouldn't our inputs evolve too?


The TAP wearable keyboard— a revolutionary device that converts finger taps into text, is the brainchild of prominent inventor and entrepreneur Dovid Schick, who later recruited his wife, distinguished engineer Sabrina Kemeny, to help him make Tap a reality.

About Us

Dovid Shick

Founder and CEO

About Us

Dr. Sabrina Kemeny

Co-Founder and President

Dovid and Sabrina first met as businesses associates when they were leading their own ventures: Dovid as CEO of Schick Technologies Inc. and Sabrina as CEO of Photobit Corporation. Both coming from companies that brought new technology to life, they were unified in the idea of bringing forth a new input paradigm.

As co-founders of Tap Systems,  their vision doesn’t end with typing.

They foresee a near-future where Tap technology is being used in a broader and more varied set of circumstances: an artist digitally composing music on a folded knee, or an avid gamer using Tap to navigate complex systems while on-the-go. Tap is defining the standard for the new input modality that will be used in virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality.